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Shay Meinecke’s Arirang Korea Today Travel Reporter Demo Reel

Korea Today – A Tour of Tastes around Seoul 서울에서 즐기는 음식 테마여행

A down-to-earth experience of Seoul’s best dishes is what we bring you on Four Corners of Korea. Shay Meinecke visits a traditional market with a century-long history to dig into some of the local favorites, while stirring up himself some comfort food, tteokbokki.
셰이의 음식 테마여행, 세 번째 시간! 백년 전통 광장시장의 빈대떡에는 어떤 비법이 숨어있는지 알아보고, 손님 취향대로 직접 끓여먹는 떡볶이의 매력을 느껴본다.

Korea Today – Looking Back on 2013 in Yesan 한해를 되돌아보는 여행

With not many days left on the calendar, it’s a good time to give yourself some room to breathe and relax. Shay Meinecke takes you on a calm and quiet journey to a beautiful temple and also dips in a hot spring to enjoy a moment of reflection.

Korea Today – The Tastes of Gangneung 강릉에서 즐기는 음식 테마여행

The tradition of making dubu, Korea’s bean curd, with a regional twist has lasted for four hundred years in the eastern coastal town of Gangneung. Shay Meinecke takes you to there to look at how it is made, while also visiting a fisheries market.
셰이의 음식 테마여행, 네 번째 시간! 4백년간 이어져 온 두부제조법, 강릉 초당두부의 비법을 밝혀내고, 동해안 최대의 주문진 수산시장에서 풍성한 해산물 먹거리들을 만나본다.

Korea Today – Opening the Year with a Winter Festival 신년 해돋이와 함께하는 겨울축제

We open the doors with a trip to the scenic province of Gangwon-do. From a breathtaking view of the New Year’s sunrise on the east coast to a winter festival packed with fun. Shay Meinecke takes you on a trip perfect for gearing you up for the year ahead.
2014년을 가장 활기차게 여는 법!
대한민국 일출 명소와 으뜸 겨울 축제 속으로 여러분을 초대한다.
셰이가 안내하는 강원도의 왁자지껄한 새해 풍경! 잠시 후 만나보자.

Produced Videos:

Celebrating Lunar New Year in the Heart of Beijing

Grandma Zhang and her family capture the necessity of bringing food and family together for the Chinese New Year.

Told from inside a traditional hutong house amongst a backdrop of celebration and unregulated fireworks, her family shares the spirit of keeping old traditions alive in China’s modernizing society.

Craft beer in Gwangju: Korea’s evolving taste for Mekju

The craft beer scene in the southern Korean city of Gwangju is growing rapidly, thanks in large part to beer aficionado Timi, who owns a beer (mekju) bar named Timi Triangle: a Sandwich & Craft Beer bar.

Timi’s love of craft beer has brought about a change of scenery in the city, where once it was nearly impossible to find unique international beers. And that change has been welcomed in Gwangju.

Around the World: King’s Day in Amsterdam

Travel journalist Shay Meinecke explores the city of Amsterdam during King’s Day (Koningsdag)- a national holiday of the Netherlands that marks the birth of King Willem-Alexander.


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