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Travel and Culture

Inside Europe: Germany’s craft beer producer thirst for change (Deutsche Welle) 🎧

“Recently, Germany’s beer market has been opening up to new brewing methods, and because of that, craft beers have been trending. In the Rhineland, however, old tastes die hard, as Shay Meinecke has been finding out.”

Korea Today – A special trip for December 연말, 아주 특별한 여행 (Arirang TV) 📺

“Inching towards the end of the year, many people are looking for ways to enjoy the upcoming holiday season. Shay Meinecke visits a ski resort easily accessible from Seoul and hops on a cruise boat to invite you to a feast against under the stars.”

Korea Today – A Tour of Tastes around Seoul 서울에서 즐기는 음식 테마여행 (Arirang TV) 📺

“A down-to-earth experience of Seoul’s best dishes is what we bring you on Four Corners of Korea. Shay Meinecke visits a traditional market with a century-long history to dig into some of the local favorites, while stirring up himself some comfort food, tteokbokki.”

Korea Today – Travel TV Demo Reel (Arirang TV) 📺

“Shay Meinecke travels around South Korea for Korea Today on Arirang TV.”


Hosting AfricaLink on Air (Deutsche Welle) 🎧

“Africans protest at Mexican border, Amazon fires, a wasteland becomes a paradise in Kenya, Uganda cracks down on NGOs, East Africa’s forgotten slave trade.”

Broadcasting news for AfricaLink on Air (Deutsche Welle) 🎧

“Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari unveils his list of cabinet portfolios, Rwanda’s President Kagame and Uganda’s President Museveni sign a peace pact to cease hostilities, old religion, worshiping several gods still a lively practice in the Nigerian town of Osogbo.”

Broadcasting news for AfricaLink on Air (Deutsche Welle) 🎧

“Cameroonians cast doubt on ongoing national dialogue to solve the separatists’ crisis, Nigeria’s President Buhari to visit South Africa amid current tensions between the two countries, many young girls in Kenya face ridicule and challenges during their menstruation.”

AfricaLink on Air Radio Demo Reel (Deutsche Welle) 🎧

“Shay Meinecke’s radio demo reel with Deutsche Welle’s global news podcast show, AfricaLink.”

Humor and Comedy

Shay Meinecke sits down with comedian, Andy Valvur 🎧

“Shay Meinecke sits down with pro-Eu comedian, Andy Valvur, to learn about the comedy life in Germany.”

Shay Meinecke sits down with comedian, Will Durst 🎧

“Shay Meinecke sits down with comedian Will Durst to learn about his experiences as a comedian, his disdain for the current political order in the US and to hear his favorite joke.”


Voice of Siri Susan Bennett tells MakeUseOf how Siri changed her life (MakeUseOf) 🎧

“In an interview with MakeUseOf, Bennett tells Shay Meinecke how her work as Siri changed her life, why she fears for the future, and why you should be nice to the assistant who helps millions of people every day.”

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