Welcome to my redesigned website, which showcases publications I’ve completed throughout the years.

On the front page you’ll see a page for Articles, Photographs, Videos, Radio and Publications. Please visit these pages to view some of my recent work.


While each page features pieces I’m proud of, the Blog section will feature personal thoughts, opinions and events that may not have been published elsewhere.

For example, this short video featuring music from Table People won’t get put on the Videos page, but does deserve a view 🙂

Looking forward

My goal for 2017 is to publish in-the-field pieces about events from around the world. I hope to interview people from far off places, so that I can better introduce their stories to a global audience. I also plan to introduce unique aspects of culture, so that others can learn more about the world around them.

Education and understanding drives the global community forward.

Contact me

Last but not least, I hope this blog brings about opportunities. I believe that by connecting with people we’ll have a better chance to publish and produce stories worth sharing.

If you’d like to collaborate on an idea or have something to say, please use the form below to contact me.

And if you’d like to share what drives your New Year, please leave a comment below:


Published by Shay

International journalist, writer, editor, radio host and TV reporter with experience working in the US, Germany and South Korea.

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  1. Well, this year I hope to develop myself more with digital technology. I’ve learned a lot of information from my Masters courses in International Education, now just to apply it.

      1. I’d really like my students to be able to utilize google cardboard to go along with science subject matter. I’d also like for them to begin using ipads to create more of their own storyboards using their journals. Just a few things for second grade. We’ve already become a recognized school in terms of digital citizenship, so that’s a step in the right direction.

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